My page shall forever stay blank, until the day you came and filled it with colour

I would like a boyfriend. Who would keep his promise’s. Who would stay up late with me watching movies and pigging out on junk food. Who would tell me to come somehere to meet his friends. Who would not act different towards me when his with his friends. Who would call me out of the blue for no reason. Who would respect me. Who would tell me I’m beautiful when ever he see’s me. Who would notice the little things about me that not many people notice. Who would know my hobbies and the songs that I like. Who would always know when I’m down and know what to do. The list is endless. But thats my dream boy in mind, for now.




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Sweet hangover: 9 deadly words women say to men: 

1) Fine
This is a word used to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

2) 5 minutes
If she is getting dressed, this means at least half an hour. Five minutes is only five mintues if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before you start helping around…

Top 10 things girl hate about guys.


1. Forget her birthday. (Deadly mistake)
2. Forget your anniversary.
3. Spend more time with your buddy instead of spending time with her.
4. Bring her out with your buddies and ignoring her.
5. Criticize her dress sense.
6. Choosing work over her. (Balance is the key here)
7. Multitasking when talking to her over the phone.
8. Want to hang up the phone after just 1 minute of conversation.
9. Make your room untidy.
10. Chose to watch your sport activities (football match) over her.



I doubt there will be a single pair of arms I will feel safe in,

I doubt there will be a single person who will not turn on me,

I doubt there will be a day my tears will not fall,

I doubt there will be a reason for all this,

I doubt you will come back…


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my heart <3, then it’s broken </3, mended again <3, broken again </3 someone get me a diamond heart D:

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